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There are many Spanish speaking people in the Worcester, Mass area. We want our Spanish speaking neighbors to all know we speak Spanish here at Universal Insurance Agency. We always make sure you get credit for your driving experience in your country of origin. READ MORE >>

Is buying online VS agent better or riskier? If you are not well versed in auto or home insurance it is possible to make a big mistake inadvertently when buying insurance online without a local agent. I can't tell you how many people came into the agency with a policy they bought online and READ MORE >>

Total Loss Car Accident? If you totaled your car then here are some helpful tips to negotiate the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle. Actual Cash Value vs Replacement Cost  The actual cash value is usually not going to be  what it costs to replace a car. READ MORE >>

It Seems Like Disasters Are Becoming More Common. Which perils otherwise known as disasters are covered by Homeowners Insurance? Standard home insurance policies typically cover a range of ever present disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, lightning READ MORE >>

Did you know about these Typical WATER Exclusions in most Homeowner Insurance Policies?  (1) Flood, surface water, waves, tidal water, overflow of a body of water, or spray from any of these, whether or not driven by wind;   (2) Water which backs up through sewers or READ MORE >>

 Auto insurance savings might not be at the top of your newly wed tasks but there are some car insurance benefits to be reaped for newly weds.  Auto Insurance Policy consolidation is a smart money saving move. This will simplify the billing process and could save you money. READ MORE >>

Beware of coverage loopholes like whose property is NOT covered under your Homeowners Policy. Are Domestic Partners and their "stuff" Covered under a Homeowners Policy?    Let's look at who is considered an insured on your homeowners Insurance Policy?   READ MORE >>

We thought this was a great question to share. Can I buy car insurance with my learner's permit? Because I want to buy a car and I haven't got my driver license yet.     ANSWER: You can own and insure a car in Mass but you must have a person to List besides yourself as a licensed Mass Driver. READ MORE >>

BOP policies (short for business operations policy) Before answering the question what a BOP does not cover let's talk about the BOP for a minute. BOP Policies are a great way to protect small and medium size business owners from many unfortunate losses. READ MORE >>

How can a parent help their teen realize being responsible can save boatloads of money especially in Auto Insurance. This bit of advice can set your child up for a successful start to accumulating money for good things like a down payment on a home instead of high cost insurance READ MORE >>

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